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Altun Ha Belize Tour

Altun Ha Tours

Located 31 miles (50 kilometers) from Belize City, Altun Ha, Mayan for rock stone, was once one of the wealthiest Mayan Empire in the Americas. Famous for its Jade Head, Altun Ha boast two plazas and thirteen structures. Here, the rich tombs are further indication that the elite enjoyed an exotic life.

Apart from the magnificent structures, Altun Ha adds to it rapport a lush rain forest reserve known as Altun Ha Nature Reserve. Here, Armadillos, agoutis, foxes and even an occasional deer can be spotted. In this reserve there is a man made pond that was made by the Mayas as a source of fresh water. Large crocodiles still call this pond home.

This site dates back to around 200BC. Construction at Altun Ha lasted to around AD 250.

The erections of these magnificent temples are strong indication that this population was large and sophisticated.

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