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Lamanai Belize Tour

Lamanai Tours

Lamanai, Mayan for submerged crocodile is suited in the Orange Walk District. This is one of the few Mayan sites that still goes by it original name. This site is famous for it crocodile logos and lime stone mask on its principal temple.

Lying on the Banks of the New River Lagoon, Lamanai offers a first hand view of Belize’s river ecosystem. Rich in both flora and fauna, it is not unusual to spot a crocodile taking in some rays on the river bank or one of the many orchids sitting in plain view as you curse by. This 1 hour boat ride is by itself a magnificent tour.

Dating back to 900BC, this site occupies 1.13 square kilometers (.5 miles) of pristine rain forest. Temples at Lamanai are still some of the highest in the country. This site was once home to a wealthy population that formed a powerful empire.

Besides the Mayan Temples, Lamanai also boast two 16th Century Christian Churches and a 19th Century sugar mill making it the only site to have had Maya, Spanish and British inhabitants.

Price: $100 (USD) per person (Minimum 3 Pax)

Lunch and Refreshments Included

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